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Summer Roses on Blue Mountains, 1976, Ch 13

Look at a piece of cloth. Truly it is a bundle of threads; and if you examine it more carefully, you will say that it is just cotton. The first stage is cotton, second stage is thread, and the final stage is the cloth. What would you do if you do not like that cloth? You remove the threads one by one and the cloth disappears! In the same manner, your mind does not have any specific form. It is simply a bundle of desires. These desires themselves come from the thoughts of your mind which can be compared to the cotton. Thus in this analogy the three stages are the cotton or the thoughts, the thread or the desires, and finally the desires constitute the mind which is the cloth. So you must try to diminish these desires as far as possible. Desires are like heavy luggage in the journey of your life. Less luggage, more comfort for you! (Summer Roses on Blue Mountains, 1976, Ch 13)