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REALLY! Katrina Kaif Never Celebrated Valentine’s Day, Read Why!

Yes, you read it right! Katrina Kaif has never celebrated Valentine’s day in her entire life as she was always so busy with her work. During the promotions of her film Fitoor, Katrina Kaif told a IndianExpress,”I have never celebrated Valentine’s Day as I have always been at work but this time I hope God will give us a reason for party. We hope we will have a success party for Fitoor on Valentine’s day.”

When asked ‘If she has great expectations from love and if it would be easy to find love again’, Katrina Kaif said, “Great expectations from who, where, what are we talking about?”

”Everyone wants to be be happy on Valentine’s day and we hope we will be this time after the good response of Fitoor,” she said.

Not many people know that Katrina Kaif was so desperate to be a part of Fitoor that she approached director Abhishek Kapoor and asked him to take her in the film. ”Before I started casting, Katrina did reach out to me. She heard that I am making this book and she had read it in her school. She wanted to be a part of it,” Abhishek Kapoor said.

Abhishek Kapoor further added, ”She is perfect for the role as she is very beautiful and she is also aspirational like her character in the film. Katrina has never attempted a film like that.” ”So, it was also a challenge for me and also interesting to see how it would play out with Tabu and Aditya. It would make for an exciting experience for me,” he said.