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Hans Hanoomansingh : Chairman/CEO/Presenter

Hans Hanoomansingh


Hans Hanoomansingh attended Presentation College, Chaguanas, then called the College of St. Phillip & St. James, and later the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine. While attending college, to assist his mother financially after his father’s death, he sold produce from the family’s small orange estate at the Chaguanas Market. He taught for a short while at St. John’s College in San Fernando before the media claimed him. Hans began his career in broadcasting in 1961 with Radio Guardian, which evolved into the National Broadcasting Station, and was later twinned with TTT to become ICN.

Rishi Ramcharan : Announcer

Rishi Ramcharan


Born on 20th Feburary 1979, Rishi is a Pisces from Freeport Couva. He describes himself as simple, sincere, sweet, traditional and romantic. He values his mom, family, people’s feelings and still believe that love exists. When it comes to his favourites, the colour is green, the food is roti and curry. Apart form broadcasting Rishi holds positions in Promotions and Marketing and describes his dream job as either being a Pediatric Cardiologist or a Pilot.

He describes his success factor on radio as simply remembering that his listeners are his best friends. When asked, “What is your most treasured moment on air?” He replied, “When I was branded as the highest rate East Indian Broadcaster and not because I won, but because of the amount of lives I touch, and continue to”. What Rishi loves most about being on radio is being able to make a difference and to touch people’s lives through music.

Indar Kanhai : Announcer

Indar Kanhai


Growing up in a family of accomplished musicians, including his father (who was a well known soloist, popular for his Kishore
Kumar renditions) and sister (Nandini Kanhai), he knew one day it would be possible. Kahn has often been described as the Caribbean’s best Indian male vocalist and some fans have even dubbed him the “local KumarSanu.”

He has toured the USA, the Netherlands and the Caribbean, accompanying international performers such as Anup Jalota and Mehdi Hassan. He is also the leader and musical arranger of his own band, The Trishul Orchestra and has received many awards and accolades, both locally and internationally, for his musical accomplishments.

Indar’s musical talent has given him the opportunity to play not only Indian music but Soca as well, alongside artistes such Pelham Goddard second imij. It was on one such occasion that Kanhai met reknowned movie playback singer Sanu, and related his dream. The two began having discussions about recording together in India and Kanhai revealed that Sanu instantly agreed to the idea.

Also an accomplished musician (he plays tabla, dholak, guitar and keyboard) Kanhai admitted the entire experience was breathtaking for him, because of the positive reception he received in India, as well as the encouragement of the producers and music industry executives which then led to Nasha Reloaded in 2009 featuring Indar, Kumar Sanu, Sadna Sargam and Shwetta Pandit and the opportunity to do playback singing for a movie while in India. Today Indar tours many countries around the world with Kumar Sanu.

Indar Kanhai is one of the best local Indian singers and is also a renowned musician and leader of the Trishul Orchestra. Kanhai also produces many events such an the annual valentines and Mother's Day concerts as well international events .

Nirmala Sesnarayan : Announcer

Nirmala Sesnarayan


Born on October 26th, Nirmala describes herself as a dedicated, committed, caring, simple and fun-loving individual. This Scorpio hails from Princes Town and enjoys Light Indian Classical music. Nirmala is a Radio Presenter on Saturdays but from Monday to Fridays assumes the role of a Teacher, which is her mainstream career. In addition, Nirmala has studied Indian Classical Music under the tutelage of Shri Mungal Patasar and is well known for her performances in Local and Light Indian Classical music. When she is not on air, teaching or performing, Nirmala enjoys long walks on the beach, scenic drives, reading, writing, travelling and spending time with loved ones. She states that one of her greatest strengths is her ability to overcome almost any hurdle that life has thrown at her. She enjoys the vocals of Anup Jalota and Shreya Ghoshal among many others. Her favourite colour is pink and she loves authentic Indian and Chinese food. When asked, “What do you love most about being on radio?” she smiled and said, “It is the greatest opportunity to inspire someone, to lift their spirits through the music and to motivate someone to do things they thought impossible. That, my friend, is priceless indeed.”

Robin Maraj : Announcer

Robin Maraj


Most of his friends know him as “Sackro”, but his real name is Robin Maraj. Born on Jan 28th 1969, Robin is an Aquarius from Pierre Road Charliville. He describes himself as pleasant, calm, respectful, joyful and understanding. He values life, health, family, freedom and most of all love for God. His love all types of music, could have curry food anyday, anytime and loves the colour black.

When asked about his dream job, he jokingly replied “One that pays a lot and I work very little.” Other than broadcasting Robin is a Sales & Marketing Rep. He believes that his success factor in radio is his mix of music and his biggest strength as an individual is his ability to listen and communicate. His personal role model is Mahatma Ghandi and his most treasured moments on air are when he is able to full fill a callers song request.

Crystal Kissoon : Announcer

Crystal Kissoon


From the Silver Screen – Sundays 12:10pm – 2:00pm.

Fans of the Heritage Radio presenter with the Bollywood presence and personality have been waiting for the return of Crystal Kissoon. And now we are pleased to announce that Crystal will be back from January accompanied by her baby girl, Celine.

Harold Narrie : Announcer

Harold Narrie


Presents Total Local – Saturdays 5:00pm – 7:00pm.

The affable Harold Narrie dedicates two hours every Saturday to the promotion of Indian Classical singing. Devotees of this folk tradition inherited from our ancestors, remain glued to their radio to drink of the amrit of our culture.

Born on March 1st 1958, Harold Narine describes himself as “Creative”. From Carolina Village in Couva, Harold is very much a family, work, religion an community oriented person that has the ability to attract people by sharing. Apart from broadcasting, he is a Financial Advisor that love all types of food and has a preference towards 70’s and 80’s music. His favourite colour is green, and when asked “What do you love the most about being on radio?” his reply was simply “To present the kind of songs that causes the listeners to want more as well as being informative."

Errol Peru : Announcer

Errol Peru


Presents Real Kaiso – Saturdays 2:00pm – 5:00pm.

No one else has the collection of calypso music as Errol Peru which he shares generously with his Heritage Radio listeners. The Heritage Radio studio is a virtual calypso tent with the leading calypsonians and the emerging singers live with Errol Saturday after Saturday. Real Kaiso is the leading calypso show on radio on radio.

Gideon Hanoomansingh : Announcer

Gideon Hanoomansingh


Presents Ancestral Treasures – Sunday 9:00am – 12:00 Noon

Gideon is a broadcasting icon of radio and television in Trinidad and Tobago and has gained international recognition for his news and current affairs reports on CNN. Gideon’s versatility is expressed through his music programme Ancestral Treasures drawing deeply on the music and songs of our ancestors that have shaped our taste and culture. Listeners are drawn to his commentary and style as much as the music and they come from the world-wide diaspora. This former Member of Parliament is Head of Communications with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. For Gideon music is the food of love which he keeps playing with charm and sophistication.

Zanim Mohammed : Announcer

Zanim Mohammed


Presents Chandani Raat – Fridays 9:00pm to Midnight

Zanim Wazir Mohammed was born on Jan 28th 1961. Coming from Fyzabad, Trinidad and Tobago, he describes himself as easy going, dedicated, loving, simple and humble. The five things he treasures most are his family, his friends his spiritual beliefs, his collections and his health. His favourite colour is blue and food is chocolate His favourite genres of music include Pop, RnB, Jazz, Indian and world music. Besides broadcasting Zanim holds a position as an Administrative Officer.

His believe his strength as an individual is his ability to listen to others and his biggest weakness is “sweets”. His most treasured moment on air was being the 1st to interview His Excellency Shri Malay Mishra High Commissioner of India 2 days after his arrival in T&T,  to converse with Dada Shri Hari Om Sharan exactly 1 week before his demise, to liase with Babla Mehta – bollywood playback singer and have him listen in on Chandini Raat on a Friday night and to have a listening audience from Dubai, Algeria, Mumbai, Chennai, Belgium, Austria, Egypt, and the spectrum of the North American Continent.

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