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OH MY GOD! Shahrukh Khan’s Wife Gauri Khan Looks Mesmerising In Sari Photos

Shahrukh Khan is indeed a very lucky man, who has a stunning wife like Gauri Khan. The gorgeous lady is all set to launch her new line with Satya Paul called “Cocktails and Dreams”. We recently got some behind the scene pictures from her shoot and we must say she looks mesmerising in the saree from her recent collection.

Not many people know that Gauri Khan loves to wear sarees and she adores them. In an interview with HT, Gauri revealed,”My personal style is very comfortable and feminine. I adore saris. I feel they’re very easy to carry. They’re not only sexy and graceful, but you can also style them the way you like best.” Gauri also talked about her passions, ”Even before I started designing, I often used to sketch. When you are passionate about something you don’t need external motivation to work towards achieving it.” Gauri Khan further added, ”It was when I was working on my own house that I developed an interest. After working on a few projects, I realised that I was really passionate about designing.” ”There are a lot of areas that I haven’t ventured into, and I look forward to making the most of everything that comes my way. My first store has taken off, and I hope to do plenty of collaborations, be it in interior design or in fashion,” Gauri Khan said. Well, Gauri we have only one question for you-how do you manage to look so beautiful every time?