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Fish samples to be sent to the FDA in the US for testing

Fish samples will be sent to the Food and Drug Administration laboratory in the United States for testing.
This was confirmed at a meeting of all stakeholders convened yesterdat by the Ministry of Planning and Development.
Present at the meeting were representatives of the Environmental Management Authority, the Institute of Marine Affairs, the Caribbean Industrial Research Institute, Chief Medical Officer and Public Health Inspectors of the Ministry of Health.

Following the discussions it was agreed that there will be laboratory testing of various species of fish in 12 geographic areas where landing sites are located, namely La Brea, Carenage, Cedros, Icacos, Kings Wharf, Mayaro, Maracas/Las Cuevas, Carli Bay, Claxton Bay, Otaheite and 2 fishing sites in Tobago.
The areas selected are located within range of the major fishing environments so as to provide sufficient data.
The fish samples from these areas will be tested for the following heavy metals (lead, copper, mercury, zinc) as well as poly aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs).
Some of the species selected for testing, based on local consumption patterns, are kingfish, carite, salmon, shark, mullet, catfish, shrimp and species common to Tobago.
Specimens will be collected by Public Health Inspectors based on the protocols prescribed by the FDA laboratory.