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Health Tip Of The Day

Let Your Kids Do Some Chores To Help Them Grow More


Chores Allow Your Children To Grow Via: mymontessorimoments.com Teaching your children to help with chores at a younger age is key. It helps promote development and allows children to show you that they’re capable of fending for themselves when they’re out in ...

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6 Lifestyle Tweaks To Prevent Or Manage Gout


Gout is a very painful condition that many people experience. A form of arthritis that triggers painful inflammation of some joints, gout strikes when the body is unable to flush out excess uric acid. This leads to the formation of urate ...

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The 4 Pillars of Optimal Health


Here I will outline what I believe are the four pillars of optimal health — in other words, the four lifestyle factors you can manage to improve your health. These are all based on sound science, to the best of my ...

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10 Things Not To Wear at The Gym


We all like to look good and feel good about ourselves, but, for many of us this means having to venture to the gym every now and then to top up our peak physical appearance. However, many of you will already ...

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How Setting Earlier Bedtimes for Your Children Can Protect Them From Depression


Increased depression can have a negative effect on the quality of sleep, and poor quality sleep can increase depression. That’s fairly well-covered ground. What’s notable, especially if you’re a parent, is that setting an earlier bedtime for children can decrease ...

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Stress Doesn’t Only Affect Our Mood, It Changes Our Brains


Stress is problematic for many reasons. It not only is a highly unpleasant feeling, it has innumerable side effects on the mind and body. We all need to learn how to tackle stress, in order to keep our bodies functioning ...

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5 Practical Tips to Promote a Nutritional Mindset for the Whole Family


Cooking can be a very daunting task, especially when faced with countless pans, utensils, and devices you’ve never heard of, as well as advanced cooking phrases and jargon. There are some who left all the cooking to their mothers or ...

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10 Natural Supplements To Lose Weight Fast


The dream to look healthy and fit will cost no extra money and would not require stretching your eventful work routine. The intake of natural supplements, which are full of nutrients required by your body, will help you achieve the weight lost ...

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5 Ways to Practice Stress Free Living


There’s a funny phenomenon that happens to me daily. It happens the moment a person stops and asks me the question, “How are you?” My reply is often one of the following, “I’m always well”, “I’m perfect”, “I couldn’t be better”, ...

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Best Detox To Get Rid Of Toxins


Our primal ancestors had a tough life. They were constantly hunting and fishing for their next meal. And they scrounged the countryside for nuts, roots and berries. But at least they had pure, clean air, food and water. We can’t ...

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