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Drops Of Magic

Drops Of Magic – Face Forward


Face forward by Ralph Marston Don’t let the difficult times drain your hope. Don’t let the good times melt your ambition. Life changes, and you have a hand in making those changes. Time continues to pass, yet no day is ...

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Drops Of Magic – Appreciation

A Moment Of Hearts Connecting - Appreciation

Appreciation by Ralph Marston There’s a way you can instantly make anything you have more valuable. All you have to do is more fully appreciate it. The more you appreciate your skills, the more useful they become. The more you ...

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Drops Of Magic – Everything That’s Right


Everything that’s right by Ralph Marston Here’s an interesting irony. You are able to see what’s wrong with life precisely because there’s so much right with life. All the good parts give you the luxury of being able to consider ...

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Drops Of Magic – Creative Ideas


Creative ideas by Ralph Marston Ideas flow into your awareness. Pay attention, and give them some respect. The ideas you create come from the life you live, from the problems you encounter, from the values you hold. That makes them ...

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Drops Of Magic – Entice Yourself


Entice yourself by Ralph Marston Give yourself something to look forward to. Then work your way toward it. When you know you’re going somewhere desirable, you’ll bear almost any burden to get there. When you’ve chosen a specific direction, you’ve ...

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Drops Of Magic – Better Than You’ve Been

drops of magic

Better than you’ve been by Ralph Marston Decide today to be better than you’ve been. Commit to raise your life to a higher level. Start with your thoughts, letting go of the ones that hold you down. Replace them with ...

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Drops Of Magic – Treasure Today


Treasure today by Ralph Marston Treasure today while you live it. Give the beauty of this moment the full attention it deserves. Later can wait for later. Let the rich texture of now brush against every part of your being. ...

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Drops Of Magic – True To What Really Matters

Drops Of Magic - Live In Love

True to what really matters by Ralph Marston You cannot fix everything that is broken. Yet you can love what is for what it is, and make steady progress. Life will never be perfect. Even so, you can fill every ...

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Drops Of Magic – Live To Spread Goodness


Live to spread goodness by Ralph Marston Live each moment with integrity, and you’ll find value and goodness in every experience. Make truth your priority and let your life gain from its great power. Fully benefit from life’s goodness by ...

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Drops Of Magic – Think You Can

Think you can by Ralph Marston You have enough challenges and obstacles working against you. Don’t let your own thoughts work against you too. Thinking you can do the work doesn’t mean the work will get done. Yet it’s certainly ...

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