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Hoverboards – A Clear And Present Fire Danger!


Are you inviting an electrical fire to damage or destroy your home? If you own an electric overboard, you probably are, even if you didn’t realise it (well, now, you know). The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has pledged to ...

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Carnival is Excitement and Bacchanal, even in Brazil!

Mangueira Wins in Rio! G.R.E.S Estação Primeira de Mangueira samba school was declared the Champion of the 2016 Carnival competition in Rio de Janeiro. This is the school’s official overall Carnival title since it was established in 1928. Mangueira’s theme ...

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Demystifying Samba – 3 Steps Left, 3 Steps Right


Samba, the unmistakable music of the Brazilian carnival, is just as famous for the explosion of colour, passion, and energy literally embodied in the dancers of the samba schools and parades. In spite of economic concerns (40 cities and municipalities ...

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