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EPIC2 – HanumanChanTTing

EPIC2 – HanumanChanTTing

A unique experience, ‘Epic2 HanumanChanTTing – Laaya Sanjeevan – Let the Healing Begin’, is being hosted at 85 feet, Kaarya Siddhi Hanuman, Datta Drive, Orangefield Road, Carapichaima, on July, Sunday 31, from 5.00 pm. His Holiness Dr. Sri Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji (Shri Swami Ji) is coming to TT to lead the historic mega chanting event.

Management Committee

On instructions of the Pontiff, HH Ganapaty Sachchidananda, Epic2HanumanChanTTing will be held before the 85feet Kaarya Siddhi Hanuman, Carapichima. Shri Swami Ji has appointed Shri Vishnu Deonarine, a Trustee of Datta Yoga Centre as Co-ordinator to liaise with Head Quarters in Mysore. Deonarine has been charged with the responsibility to appoint a local committee to manage Epic2 in Trinidad.

Accordingly, a full management committee has been formed and installed, with Shri Raviji-Chairman, Shri Mukunda Balroop-Dpt. Chairman & Weekly Reporting, Shri Gyan Ramlogan-Public Relations Officer & Programme Manager, Ms Vaani Indu Ramkhalawan-Secretary, Ms. Taramati Singh-Asst. Secretary, Shri Rishi Balroop-Chartered-Accountant, Pandit Ganesh Maharaj-Production, Shri Soan Ramnath-Security, Mrs. Tara Birju-Public Relations & Communications, Ms. Synara Seeram IT & Social Media, Mr. Brandon Persad  IT Archiving, Mr. Aadidev Sooknanan IT Animation,  Shri Krishna Sirju-Design, Mrs. Indira Narine-Volunteers, Shri Ritesh Jaikaran-Sanitation, Mrs. Kamla Seeram-Archive, Pandit Mukram Sirju-Pandits, Ms Sangeeta Ramnanan-VIP, Dr. Sham Bahall-Medical, Dr. Ravita Singh-Medical, Dr. Renuka Deonarine-Medical, Mr. Datta Balroop-Parking Logistics, Mr. Errol Ramdath-Swamji’s security and Pt. Amar Seepersad-Flags

Shri Rishi Balroop, a chartered accountant holds the responsibility to administer over the financial accounts. All financial donations and other financial transactions must be made through Account 500728352701 in the name of Shri Sachchidananda Yoga Ashram, to ensure transparency and strict accountability. On the instruction of Shri Swami Ji, the Shri Sachchidananda Ashram was incorporated with the Companies Act, 1995 on August 18, 2000.

His Holiness Dr. Sri Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji
The Healing Chant will be led by Shri Swami Ji, an internationally recognized spiritual leader, well known for his yoga-music healing therapy. His music has brought peace across the globe. He said:

“Healing ailments through meditation and music, or Raga Ragini Vidya is an ancient one…I was ordained by my mother and Guru Dattatreya to propagate Bhakti Yoga, particularly, nam-sankirtanam, and specially chosen Ragas, as these can be used for healing. “

The chanting of Hanuman Chaleesa text also connects with the Mool Sanjeevan brought by Hanuman and used to heal the brother of Lord Rama, Lakshmana. The event has therefore adopted the healing of Naada Brahman by Shri Swami Ji as an important feature of the event.

Shri Swami Ji has previously made several trips to Trinidad and Tobago. The highlight of this trip, is a mission to chant Hanuman Chaleesa as a continuing exercise across the globe celebrating the completion of 10 Billion Hanuman Chaleesas in two years. In preparation for his coming, the Epic HanumanChanTTing Committee had organised the successful first edition in Trinidad and Tobago at Divali Nagar on May 23, 2015. An estimated 11,000 persons gathered for the first edition.

Accompanying Shri Swami Ji for the second edition, Epic2, will be a chorus of 5,000 Trinbagonians from across the islands. (Imagine, 5,000 Trinbogonians raising their voices in chanting the Hanuman Chaleesa). They will be accompanied by eminent temple musicians from India. South Indian music brings an enchanting melodic templar feel. One of the unique instruments coming to Epic2, is the Deva Vaadyam, Drum of the Gods. This special drum, deep in tonal quality, is quite ancient and has had a close association with sacred music for well over 2,000 years.


The event is dedicated to:
A) Welfare of Citizens of Trinidad and Tobago;
B) Global peace and
C) Marking completion of ten (10) Billion Chanting of Hanuman Chaleesa over a period of two years, an effort that embraced dedicated mass effort across the globe.

EPIC2 – An Open-Air Event in a Village Setting

The second edition, Epic2, takes place in the central village of Waterloo, Carapichaima famous for the Mandir in the sea, built by buckets by the iconic personality, Siewdas Sadhoo. Close by, the vast ocean nudges inland a bit to form the Gulf of Paria. Scarlet Flamingoes and Snow-white Egrets light up the evening’s sunset sky.

In the compound of Shri Swami Ji’s ashram, the iconic Hanuman looms high in the horizon as if ready to leap the ocean once more to bring the sanjeevan herb to revive citizens who are facing tough times. But that is what the Hanuman Chaleesa will effect, so, “Let The Healing Begin…”  Come, let’s make it happen!

Mystic Ambience

The distinct Cholan architecture of the Mandir (created by artisans brought to Trinidad from South India)  deepens the ambience sufficiently to lift the evening’s experience into an unforgettable immersion in South Indian templar music and the powerful chanting of 5,000 voices chorusing Hanuman Chaleesa.

Passes for Entrance

Statutory requirements restricted the assembly to 5,000.  Passes are mandatory for seats and are obtainable at advertised outlets. The passes are necessary at the entrance of the venue. All passes are free.

Shuttle Service from Designated Car Parks

Plans are being made to shuttle participants to the venue from Designated Car Parks:

CAR PARK        A:      Bank Village Recreation Ground
CAR PAR K       B:      The Grounds of Waterloo High School
CAR PARK        C:      Hurricane Football Club
CAR PARK        D:      Orange Field Sports Club Ground
CAR PARK        E:      Orange Field Hindu School (for volunteers only)

The Hanuman Chaleesa in Trinidad & Tobago

Hanuman Chaleesa has been a popular text written by Goswami Tulsidas (author of Shri Ramcharitamanas). It is known by heart by millions across the globe and chanted with dedication. It is listened to ritually by billions daily on radio, tv and social media.

Hanuman Chaleesa was brought by Indentured labourers in 1845 not in print, but by memory. Since then it has remained a central part of the life Hindu community. In Trinidad and Tobago, Hanuman Chaleesa culminates Hanuman Puja at homes on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Daily, it is sung as part of family devotion at homes. Leading up to the 500th birth anniversary of Goswami Tulsidas in 1997, there was a significant emphasis in group-chanting of Hanuman Chaleesa. Many mandirs like Param Dhaam Ashram in Latchoos Road, Penal, began marathon sessions of non-stop chanting of the sacred poem 100 times as prescribed by the text itself. Some mandirs preferred to complete a mala of 108 beads. These sessions last all night.

Bal Vihar at Chinmaya Ashram, Bal Vikas at Maha Sabha Schools, Heritage Vacation Course at the Kendra, Sunday-morning satsanghs at mandirs and week-long yajnas across TT all contributed to the development and popularity of Hanuman Chaleesa Chanting in TT. A long sacred poem originally brought by memory is now returning to the community at large (including children) memorizing the entire 40 verse. In fact, Hanuman Chaleesa has, in recent times, become a ritual-anthem sung together at large Hindu gatherings.

Working Towards EPIC2 Mega Event

Across the country preparations for this chanting event began two years ago. It was led by Shri Gyan Ramlogan a close follower of the Swami. Swami Ji charted a special sadhana (spiritual discipline) for Ramlogan; he was directed, to begin in earnestness, his personal chanting Hanuman Chaleesa and organising groups to chant the 40 verse poem dedicated to deity, Hanuman. Well known pandits; Abhedananda, Ganesh Maharaj, Narad Gosine and Krishen Ramdeen and others are all dedicated to this ritual movement of intense chanting.

Hanuman Chaleesa Movement

Shri Gyan Ramlogan, a well loved shishya (student) of Shri Swami Ji has brought an added dimension to this aspect of the intangible heritage of Trinidad and Tobago. Since his unique initiation into the Hanuman Chaleesaa Sadhana, he has dedicated himself daily to the chanting Hanuman Chaleesa across the country. Armed with the simple dholak, harmonium and jhaals and a growing group of dedicated youths they have been chanting both day and night. The chanters that accompany him as well as the congregations have been increasing. The demand is growing. It is now becoming a popular movement, especially with youths.  The impact of these efforts was visible in May 2015 at the successful Epic1 at Divali Nagar. In great measure, it is contributing to the upcoming event on July 31 in Waterloo. It is no small achievement that 5,000 Trinis are able to chant together Hanuman Chaleesa in a foreign language, Avadhi, a dialect of Hind.

Devotees have been fasting and chanting and leading disciplined lives in anticipation for the imminent Epic2 event on July, Sunday 31, 2016. The preparation has sharpened the anticipation for this assembly of 5,000 Trinbagonians chorusing. One can expect an unforgettable immersion in the spiritual vibrations of Bhakti Naada Yoga and the booming sounds of the Deva Vaadyam, the Drum of the gods.


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