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Drops Of Magic – Face Forward

Face forward

by Ralph Marston

Don’t let the difficult times drain your hope. Don’t let the good times melt your ambition.

Life changes, and you have a hand in making those changes. Time continues to pass, yet no day is ever exactly like the one before.

Be careful not to become too smug about the successes or too discouraged about the failures. Instead, direct your attention, your focus, your energy and efforts toward what you can do now.

You can be certain the world will change as you move through the moments, days and years. Within such a dynamic environment, you can always create new, positive value.

Briefly look back to learn, to be inspired, to fuel your determination. Then face forward and give life your best, most positive, focused, effective self.

Face forward, knowing you can rise above the disappointments and push beyond the victories. Face forward, with love, generosity, purpose and passion, and do all the great things you know you can do.

© 2016 Ralph S. Marston, Jr.