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Divine Discourse, Mar 16, 1966

Are you aware of the grand goal of your pilgrimage on earth? Do not stray into the bylanes and wrong roads, they will only lead you to disaster. You put a lot of faith in things outside yourself and plan to derive joy from and through them. Do you not know that all joys emanate only from the spring within you? You merely envelop the outer things with your own joy, and then, you experience it as though it is from that ‘other thing!’ The recognition of your innate Divinity and the regulation of your daily living in accordance with that Truth is the guiding star for every being, which is caught in the currents and crosscurrents of strife and struggle. Without that guiding divine light (Atmajnana), life will become a meaningless farce, a mockery, a game of fools. It is the acquisition of that Self-Awareness, which will make your life earnest and fruitful. (Divine Discourse, Mar 16, 1966)