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Fitoor Music Review


Director Abhishek Kapoor has an ear for music. He demonstrated that in Rock On!! , continued that with Kai Po Che! and is now promising to excel again with Fitoor. In fact while his last couple of films demanded primarily situational soundtrack, Fitoor is Abhishek’s first film where he has an opportunity to incorporate a score which would live on beyond the film’s run, courtesy its romantic theme. For that, he heads towards composer Amit Trivedi and lyricist Swanand Kirkire to do the honors.


It is a soft-n-subtle start for ‘Yeh Fitoor Mera‘, something that pretty much paves the way for how the entire soundtrack of Fitoor would eventually turn out to be. A love song that indeed has a lyrical flow to it and gathers steady momentum right through its duration without once going overboard, this one is truly a brilliant composition. As for the man behind the mike, Arijit Singh, it is some inspired singing from him that further makes the song immensely likeable and worthy enough to be played on a repeat mode.

When it comes to ‘Pashmina‘ though, Amit Trivedi brings himself on board as a singer. It is understandable since a beautifully written and well composed track like this would have made Amit truly attached to the song. The song continues seamlessly from where the point where ‘Yeh Fitoor Mera‘ ended and takes forward the melodic journey of the soundtrack. It is remarkable how Amit allows the tune to do all the talking with minimal instruments needed to support the composition.

Pakistani singer Zeb Bangash, who boasts of a unique voice indeed, is introduced to Bollywood with ‘Haminastu‘. Based on traditional Kashmiri music, the song is introduced in a distinct package by Amit Trivedi who brings it to the mainstream and makes sure that you do listen to it all over again, before getting immersed in its lovely sound. Full credit to the musical team of composer, lyricist and the singer that make ‘Haminastu‘ nothing less than an addictive track. Hear it, if you wish to experience peace.

Zeb’s voice is heard again, this time in collaboration with Nandini Srikar, for yet another track that has a Kashmiri base to it. Titled ‘Hone Do Batiyaan‘, this one too has a smooth flow to it and involves you right through its four and a half minute duration. In fact, as you move from ‘mukhda’ to ‘antara’, you are reminded of many a R.D. Burman songs that were composed for Gulzar back in the mid-70s.

Tere Liye‘ is the first ever instance of a male-female duet to arrive in the soundtrack and the wait is totally worth it. Jubin Nautiyal kick-starts the song and is a revelation as a singer as he totally makes this one his own, despite the presence of a senior partner Sunidhi Chauhan.

Together, they bring on brilliant camaraderie in this supremely melodiously number that is also the best of the soundtrack by all means.

Sunidhi continues to make her presence felt big time with ‘Rangaa Re‘, yet another beautiful number that makes Fitoor a complete package. As the song plays, one is rest assured that Abhishek Kapoor had some really distinct requirements for his music and his team supported him right through to come up with such a fantastic soundtrack. In fact the fusion of Indian melody and Western arrangements is done so well that even as one moves from the Hindi version of the song to the English version sung by Caralisa Monteiro, you don’t feel the transition. As for Amit Trivedi, he makes sure to feature in both versions.


Fitoor is yet another winner for Abhishek Kapoor as his composer Amit Trivedi, lyricist Swanand Kirkire and the bunch of singers come together to ensure that you play this soundtrack repeatedly. A winner!